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The Spirit of Ryan Awards are given annually to individuals for their contribution, dedication, leadership, and/or service to the school, community, Catholic Church, or society. Honorees may include faculty or staff members, business leaders, community leaders, alumni, volunteers and/or loyal benefactors. Nominees must reflect the values of the mission of Archbishop Ryan High School: to empower a diverse student body to become contributing members of the Church and society. Recipients will demonstrate the values of an Archbishop Ryan graduate and should (reflective questions are in quotes to provide examples only):

  • Live their lives in a Christ-like manner (Do they show compassion, mercy, forgiveness, love for their fellow man/woman?)
  • Demonstrate personal integrity, moral behaviors, and respect for others (Are they truthful?  Do they treat others with love and respect, especially those less fortunate?)
  • Exercise leadership and service in religious, civic, personal, and professional activities (Do they make principled decisions, demonstrate servant leadership, and garner respect from peers?)
  • Demonstrate a positive sense of self and a life-long commitment to personal growth (Do they take care of themselves physically, mentally and intellectually and assist others in doing the same?)

Beginning in 2022 the following awards, all considered part of the Spirit of Ryan Award Program, may be granted to honorees who are selected by a committee consisting of 4 members of the Archbishop Ryan Administrative Staff and 3 prior honorees who will be rotated each year:

  • Father Rene Barczak, OFM Award will be given to an individual for the outstanding leadership, commitment, and service to the success of Archbishop Ryan. (No more than one per year)
  • Spirit of Ryan Awards will be given for:
    • Voluntary Services:  individuals for their outstanding voluntary services to Ryan through their work on alumni programs, on advisory committees, activities, and other efforts made to ensure to the advancement of the mission of Archbishop Ryan. (No more than one female and one male per year)
    • Community Leadership:  an alumnus who has been a leader in the community and demonstrated the values that Archbishop Ryan had bestowed upon them by serving in a religious, civic, personal, or professional roles or activities. (No more than one female and one male per year)
    • Faculty/Staff:  a faculty or staff member, past or present, that has demonstrated and lead by example the values of Archbishop Ryan mission specifically to challenge students to become the leaders through a comprehensive academic curriculum rooted in excellence. (No more than one per year)
  • In Vite Mane Awards are given to one female and one male student (senior)/recent graduate who lives up to the graduate profile to be balanced spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, and physically. Honorees will be picked in the spring.  The award winner(s) will be announced at graduation and recognized at the awards ceremony in the fall.
The deadline to submit nominations is Thursday, August 15, 2024 at 5:00 PM EDT.

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* the commitment and service they've given to AR and/or the community;

* the leadership they've displayed and how it ties to the values instilled at AR; 

* the way the faculty / staff member challenges students to lead.

Please note: the committee will give weight to your response in its decision-making process when considering nominations.  Any nominations that are light on meaningful content will be returned to the nominator to elaborate further.  
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