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Terms and Conditions
1. Influencers will receive 100% commissions for every qualified purchase made through their links on Ali Express, Amazon and other platforms (to be included soon).

a. In case, the affiliate code of OMGkits (Ok) is used for an Influencer profile, Ok will share complete analytics every two weeks detailing clicks, orders, and commission. The commission of AliExpress is released 20th of every month. Once the commission reaches Ok, it will be transferred to Influencer’s personal account. Once again, Ok will not charge any fees or commissions. In future, a dashboard will be made available under Ok to detail that.

b. In case, influencer is using her own affiliate code, she will directly have access to analytics dashboard on her personal accounts in respective platforms of Amazon and AliExpress. She will be able to access all data without intervention of Ok. In this case, Ok will only act as a platform to help the influencer prepare a customize kit for her followers.

2. Influencer can not include weapons, medicine or any questionable item to their catalogue.

3. Ok is an affiliate tool. Neither the influencer nor the platform is responsible for damaged items, non delivery of products or any other scam related to purchasing on AliExpress or Amazon. Ok is an independent company and AliExpress and Amazon are independent trademarked and registered companies.
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