Crowdfunding campaign for APOX Film Festival
The APOX Film Festival is approaching its third birthday and we want to ensure that next year it is dedicated to those independent film directors who do not have the financial means to create quality film works.

Our Festival started with a story 17 years ago, in a small social room of today's Veli Lošinj cinema, with ordinary cheap projectors that did not have the ability to project a quality image, but for 3 years we did a great job and tried to survive the Festival. Unfortunately, we gave up on the project then, but after 12 years we decided to start it again, because we believe that everyone has the right to be seen, every young author, every independent producer from wherever he comes has the right to be shown on the big screen.

We want to promote these artists, ensure that they go from being a nameless artist to a person who, through their presence at the Festival, will make enviable and necessary contacts that will provide them with budgets for making better films. That is why we want Our Festival to be the one that will create and encourage film and film culture.

With this project for the winner of the Young of APOX award, we want to secure financial resources with which to finance their film, which will be promoted at the next Festival. As a short film work, we take over the film as an organization that will promote it at other festivals, thus creating a unique fusion of artists and festivals that will contribute to ensuring promotion.
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