Pro/Lo Bono client organizational deficiencies; preparation for indigent legal defense.
The mission of the Utah Justice Coalition (UJC) is to reduce recidivism and unnecessary incarceration through a culmination of policy changes and individualized direct services. UJC is developing an indigent legal clinic program, utilizing technology to combat known barriers of accessing legal services, including insufficient financial means and non-understanding of one’s case. UJC’s goal is to comprehensively prepare deserving individuals to work with their future lawyer; subsequently increasing overall number of individuals to receive Pro/Low Bono legal representation. Additionally, legal firms to see increase of hourly efficiency with decrease of hours billed on client preparation.

Clinics to prepare participants with obtaining all (known) necessary information requisite prior to working with a lawyer. Trained SJ Quinney University of Utah law-students to provide one-on-one assistance throughout. An online criminal justice software database to serve as pillar of program, of which to be developed and customized for the purpose of electronically collecting documentation in a safe and secure manner. Upon completion clinic each participant to be individually connected with applicable legal resources; transfer from preparation clinic to firm performed through electronic transfer of information. Participants to be provided physical binders for redundancy and backup.

UJC clinic initiative preliminarily backed with enclosed ‘Letters of Support’ from District Attorney elect Troy Rollings, attorney-at-Law Brent Huff, and University of Utah S.J Quinney College of Law representative Jaclyn Howell.

Law community welcomed to join program with an annual subscription fee.
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5 minute or less survey
The purpose of this brief survey is to collect information throughout the Utah Legal Community regarding time spent on Pro/Lo Bono client pre-work organization. The Utah Justice Coalition to use survey data for understanding best practices of indigent legal assistance. No identifiable information beyond basic category identifiers (firm type, Pro/Lo Bono efforts, etc.) will be publicized. Thank you for your participation.

Survey open through Wednesday September 23rd, 2020 midnight.
1. Does your firm perform Pro/Lo Bono work? *
2. How much time is spent on average coordinating the collection of paperwork, streamlining information, and educating each new client on legal processes? Choose one (1) *
3. What type role(s) performs said organizational work? *
4. What legal issue(s) experienced by indigent populations within greater Salt Lake City do you think merit increased efforts of legal services and representation ? Select the top three (3) factors where 1 is the most pressing, 2 the second most pressing and 3 the third most pressing
Children & Custody
Domestic Violence
Native American
Public Benefits
Rental Housing
Veterans' Issues
Will & Estates
Clear selection
5. In your experience, what type of legal issue(s) are the most organizationally time consuming and/or generate the most delays in document prep time per individual Pro/Lo Bono case? Choose five (5) *
6. What type of Pro/Lo Bono work do you/your firm most frequently provide through legal services and representation? (Briefly describe below) *
7. In your opinion, what is the biggest hold up for getting started on helping a client resolve their legal issue(s)? Choose one (1) *
8. On a scale from 1 to 10, how interested are you in being connected with potential clients after they have completed UJC Indigent Legal Assistance Clinic program? *
Not interested
Very interested
9. On a scale from 1 to 10, how likely are you to see a positive impact the UJC Indigent Legal Assistance Clinic to your firms future ability to perform Pro/Lo Bono legal work? *
Not likely
Very likely
10. Would you be willing to pay a yearly individual subscription fee of $1200 to participation in this program? *
11. What County are you located? If not Utah, please write in under "Other". (Select all that all that apply) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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