I have created the following processes to help clients sell:

Biz Health IQ – Assess — We assess your business’ health — We look at each of the business processes (sales, positioning, marketing, distribution, customer service, manufacturing) in the context of the business as a whole.

Strategic Approach – Decide – Identify top sales generators. Understand your blind spots and your best market opportunities. Learn from best practices in your space. Strengthen brand and disseminate products or services by building communities and by adopting innovation.

Implementation – Execute — Flawless execution of your new strategic approach. Ensure that the true spirit of your business is served by all processes working together optimally; implement metrics to assess progress; adopt early warning systems to keep cash flow on track; target excellence.

Communicate and Reward – Learn to listen to your Team. Potential for revenue and potential for greatness are lost by poor communication and lack of collaboration in the company. Learn to engage everyone on your team in the development process. There is an immensely powerful, often untapped source of knowledge inside each company. Support employees to embrace the changes needed to make your business successful.

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