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Please tell us about yourself - then we'll call to answer any other questions, and get you all set up. Thank you, and we look forward to talking with you!

This information is accessed by the main facilitator and possibly other training staff. If there is something you would prefer to communicate privately, please email the facilitator directly. Thanks.
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When you take Foundations of Facilitation, you are entitled to: 1) FOF Online lessons and resources, 2) FOF Live training (when available), and 3) Virtual Training (series of group video calls)
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Current Facilitation Self - Assessment
Please consider these questions.
You are able to listen to people and hear their underlying concerns.
You possess well-developed communication skills.
You create positive environments of non-judgement and acceptance.
You can handle telling people 'No', politely and firmly even when they are angry or being difficult with you.
You take initiative and show leadership.
You have a high level of commitment to integrity.
You actively demonstrate a commitment to contribute to others.
As you know this class is a prerequisite for entering the Cuddle Party Facilitation Training. Are you also here for that?
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