Tabletop Testing Night - 6 March 2020 - Groningen
The Spellenmaakgilde will have another tabletop playtesting night!

Indietopia and the Dutch Game Game Guild (Spellenmaak Gilde) are organizing open tabletop testing nights together. The North of the Netherlands hosts a multitude of tabletop game designers and we want to give them a platform and the possibility to test their games and receive feedback. And players are welcome to enjoy the newly crafted experiences!

Do you love board / card / dice games? Like to play new concepts? Join us with testing board card games!
Or do you have made a game and you want to have it tested? Bring it along to let people play it and get feedback!

We have around 25 free places, please register so we know how many people are coming.
The location opens at 19.15 hours and start at 19.45 with the first round of playtesting. We end around 23.00+ hours.

All you need to do is:

- Sign up below
- Bring some drinks, booze, food or snacks
- If you have a game prototype, bring that
- Come over to Indietopia, location: Lübeckweg 2, Groningen

About the location:
It is near Ikea in Groningen, it is also the office of the Dutch newspaper 'Dagblad van het Noorden' and 'Het Kwadraat'. You can enter either at the back or the front, we will hang up a poster with a phone number to call to get in if you are late. If you are new, you can email to get a phone number in advance. Parking is for free (gates open until 20.00 hours).

Come over and play!

Please spread the word (and this form) to anyone you think that might be also interested.
Follow us on Twitter: @spelmaakgilde
Like us on Facebook:

Thank you!

Note: pictures will be taken at the event and published. If you do not want to have your picture taken or your prototype shared, clearly please let us know and we will respect your wishes!

For more information about Indietopia and Spellenmaakgilde check:
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