New Helper Request Spring 2019
February 2019 Event

Thank you for your interest in helping at Kidsignments!
Volunteering at this event is hard work but the benefits of helping are very rewarding!

Helpers get to shop before the seller's preview sale since normally, all helpers have to work the preview sale (and this is a Marathon day) but first time helpers get excused from working the preview sale.

All helpers however must work one of the three available cleanup shifts.

Note that these shifts can be very, very long depending on how much inventory is left : )

Besides being able to shop the special helper's preview sale, there are many other great benefits offered to our wonderful volunteers.

All helpers have the opportunity to shop a 1/2 price preview event.

Helpers may also purchase items during their cleanup shift
with a further reduction of the consignment fee (price less 30%).

YES - All helpers can sell!
YES - my husband is a chef and does prepare complimentary food for us during the sale shifts!
YES - I provide at my expense -snacks and drinks for helpers!
YES - we have the annual "After Easter" potluck picnic and egghunt for helper's family!
YES - it is a lot of work, but worth it!
NO - sorry, no children are permitted during volunteer shifts.
Long time helpers really look forward to seeing the other helpers twice a year.
Some great friendships have been made at this event!

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