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Please read this description carefully:

We will ask you for different sets of information regarding yourself and the company/team you want to add to our TEO Professional database. Starting with your email address below, it is important that you double-check the provided information and make sure it is correct. To get an idea of what is required, you can check out an example entry for e.g. Team Fnatic: http://database.esportsobserver.com/company/Fnatic

When entering data for a new company/team, we will also ask you to provide links that prove a certain relevancy for the esports industry. Please do not submit requests if you are unable to provide minimum 3 links that prove relevancy.

After completion, our database team will verify your entry. Please be patient and allow up to one to two weeks for this process. Incomplete entries, or entries without solid prove of relevancy will be disregarded.

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