Learning Styles Inventory
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I prefer watching a video to reading
When I sing along with my CDs or the radio, I know the words to the songs.
I have athletic ability.
I can picture the setting of a story I am reading.
I study better with music in the background.
I enjoy hands-on learning.
I prefer watching someone perform a skill or a task before I actually try it.
Reading aloud helps me remember.
I'd rather play sports than watch someone play them.
I color-coordinate my clothing.
I'm good at rhyming and rapping.
I use phrases like: "I've go a handle on it," "I'm up against the wall," or "I have a feeling that ..."
I need to look at something several times before I understand it.
I prefer having instructors give oral directions rather than written ones.
I have difficulty being still for long periods of time.
I use phrases like "I see what you're saying," "That looks good," or "That's clear to me."
I can understand a taped lecture.
I'm good at figuring out how something works.
It's easy for me to replay scenes from movies in my head.
I enjoy studying foreign languages.
I would rather conduct my own science experiment than watch someone else do it.
I prefer to have written directions to someone's home.
I enjoy studying in groups.
I would rather paint a house than a picture.
I can look at an object and remember it when I close my eyes.
I have musical ability.
When I study new vocabulary, writing the words several times helps me learn.
I can imagine myself doing something before I actually do it.
I use phrases like "That rings a bell," "I hear you," or "That sounds good."
I enjoy building things and working with tools.
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