ScrantonMade Holiday Market 2017 *CLOSED*
Lackawanna County and ScrantonMade are excited to announce the 2017 Holiday Market will be held at (the old) Globe Store Friday Dec. 1st 5-9pm, Sat. Dec. 2nd 11-7pm, & Sun. Dec. 3rd 11-4pm. The Holiday Market will feature art, craft, music, food and much more to be announced!

$200 (10' x 10' space, includes both days, 1 table and 1 chair)
Vendors may bring display racks, additional tables, chair, etc.

Spots are limited and are expected to sell out. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Long time ScrantonMade vendors get 1st priority. Vendors are judged by the quality of your items, photos, uniqueness, social media presence and must be handmade. Prints are allowed as well as any other duplications of your work. Vendors must have enough merchandise to cover all 3 days of the event.

Along with this application please send 2 high quality photos of your work to In the Subject Line, please include your business name. (Example: Lullaby Boutique Photos)

Table sharing is allowed but it is up to the main contact to share information with the shared vendors. Shared vendors names may or may not be listed on promo.

*Deadline for application is Oct 14th*

Payment is due upon acceptance. Not all applicants will be accepted. You will be notified on or by Oct 31st.

Note on required Scranton permits:
1) All non-food vendors are covered under event permit. No additional permit is required.
2) All food vendors whose businesses are based in Scranton (includes hot food and packaged items) do not require an additional permit.
3) All food vendors based outside of Scranton (includes hot food and packaged items) are required to obtain a permit through the Scranton Licensing, Inspection and Permits Office. Please contact Mary Foley (Health Inspector) at (570) 348-4193, Ext. 4522 to obtain required permit.
4) All wine and spirits vendors, please contact Mary Foley (Health Inspector) at (570) 348-4193, Ext. 4522 to obtain required permit.

Please do not delay on obtaining required permits.

Please realize this is in a non-tradional space. It's an empty warehouse type space with uneven floors, not the best heat and 1 bathroom (1 mens and 1 women's) There will be additional job-johnnys and a trailer bathroom for vendors and shoppers. If you have any questions please contact

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