Cannabis Trade Outreach Survey 2017
In order to assess the current and planned activity of cannabis producers in Santa Cruz County, local trade and advocacy groups are reaching out to SANTA CRUZ COUNTY GROWERS, PROCESSORS AND MANUFACTURERS OF CANNABIS WHO SELL OR INTEND TO SELL ANY OF THEIR PRODUCT. We appreciate your willingness to share information which will be useful in developing the Environmental Impact Review (EIR) currently being conducted. The survey is completely anonymous. Please complete a separate survey for each parcel where you are currently or planning to grow or manufacture cannabis plants in 2017.
1. Do you grow, process or manufacture cannabis products for sale *
2. What percentage of your production (plants and/or product) do you intend to sell? (ie 100%)
3. Will you sell exclusively in the regulated market, grey market or both?
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4. Estimate your anticipated annual gross revenue in the regulated market:
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5. If applicable estimate your anticipated revenue in the grey market:
6. How many years have you been operating in Santa Cruz County?
7. If you grow, process or manufacture do you do it all at the same location?
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8. What is the approximate size of the entire parcel on which your operation is located?
9. Approximately how much space do you use to grow cannabis plants? (at 1 location)
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10. Approximately how many plants are you growing (or planning) to grow in 2017 (at 1 location)In the next 12 months?
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11. Are you currently in the County cultivators registration program?
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