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Please complete this form to apply to become a Reputation Advocate.

IMPORTANT - Once you start answering the questions please do not close your browser window otherwise you will lose your work. Please only use the navigation buttons in the form do not use your browser navigation as again you may lose your work. The form should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and you will need your organisations contact details, together with governance information. If you have any difficulties please call us on 023 9263 7190, (the number is at the top of each page). Once you have submitted the form you will not be able to go back in and amend your answers.

There is a non-refundable application fee of £70 unless a Crimson Crab Business MOT ( has been completed in the previous six months. (If a Business MOT hasn't been completed and you would like one, you can book one using this application form, the investment for the Business MOT is £140 and we will waive the application fee.)

Your answers will be checked against our membership criteria:, which may involve an audit meeting and, or follow up questions.

If you meet the criteria and at our sole discretion, you will be accepted as a Reputation Advocate. On acceptance, you will be asked to provide the information for your directory entry and pay the discounted annual membership fee of £120 before you can enjoy the membership benefits. The membership is £144 per annum discounted to £120 if paid in full in advance of the renewal date.

If you don't meet the criteria, don't worry, for minor issues you will have 6 months to change things and we can work with you to help.

We take the protection of personal data seriously for more information please read our Privacy Notice at

Good luck with your application.

Crimson Crab Ltd
Registered Office: The Old Surgery, 19 Mengham Lane, Hayling Island, Hampshire PO11 9JT
Registered in England and Wales, number 0774034
Contact name *
Please provide a contact name for queries about your application.
Email address *
The email address you would like us to use to communicate with you.
Trading name *
Please provide the name that your business trades under.
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What type of business are you engaged in? *
Consumer sales are those made to an individual acting for purposes that are wholly or mainly outside that individual's trade, business, craft or profession.
Ethical Trading
We want to ensure that you trade ethically. Ethical trade is generally taken to mean the assumption of responsibility of retailers, brands, and suppliers to improve the working conditions of the disadvantaged people in its supply chains. In our context we extend the meaning to cover legal compliance, environmental sensitivity, animal welfare etc.
Do you *
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have an Ethical Trading Policy (1)
take responsibility to improve the working conditions of disadvantaged people in your supply chain? (2)
take responsibility to comply with the legal framework? (3)
take responsibility for environmental sensitivity? (4)
take responsibility to maintain animal welfare? (5)
have procedures to ensure the safety and well being of customers and clients? (6)
ensure that customers and clients are not treated in a discriminatory way? (7)
make sure you don't engage in practices which are less than honest market practice or good faith? (8)
make sure you don't engage in aggressive or high pressure sales techniques? (9)
manage procurement to ensure the quality and safety of products and materials? (10)
avoid engaging in any practices which mean that you deliberately pay suppliers late? (11)
Anti bribery *
Is there a risk that someone who works for you or on your behalf might be exposed to bribery and do you proactively manage it?
Subcontractors and other similar third parties. *
If you engage with non employed third parties (e.g. contractors or subcontractors) to sell goods or deliver services on your behalf please confirm that you carry out robust due diligence on them.
Intellectual Property
Do you *
See comments below
make sure that you avoid infringing other people's copyright? (1)
make sure that you don't use Trade Marks inappropriately? (2)
comply with all software licence requirements and, or any other conditions applied by a licence that you hold? (3)
Trademarks *
If you sell goods or supply services which carry a trademark please confirm that you have procedures in place to ensure that they are the genuine item.
Business Continuity
Business Continuity is the capability of the organisation to continue delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident.
Do you *
See comments below
have a business continuity, or a similar plan in place? (1)
have a disaster recovery plan in place? (2)
identify events that may cause interruptions to business processes? (3)
risk assess events that may cause interruptions to business processes? (4)
take steps to mitigate the identified risks? (5)
take appropriate cyber security measures? (6)
have a back up regime for important business documents and records? (7)
have business interruption insurance cover? (8)
have a cyber insurance policy? (9)
Customer Service
We expect you to have a suitable complaints process in place. This should at least record details of complaints and actions taken and, if applicable, meet legal requirements. If you are dealing with consumers we would expect your process to take account of the legislation on ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution).
Do you *
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record details of complaints? (1)
record actions taken in respect of complaints? (2)
Do you have a formal written complaint policy? (3) *
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