Everyone seems to agree that the amount of rubbish left on the streets of Fitzwest has reached unacceptable levels. At the same time, the collection times are confusing and the collections themselves seem chaotic. We also have an on-going problem with fly tipping and rubbish left indiscriminately on the street or pavement.

We have been in consultation with Westminster Council. They are renegotiating their rubbish and recycling contracts. Now is the time for us to have our voice in that.

Westminster has given permission for a pilot to improve residential rubbish collection covering a smaller area of Fitzwest. The content of this pilot will depend on your ideas and what you want.
We recognise that commercial waste is also a serious problem. However, that raises different issues and so we thought we would start with residential waste only.

So if you are a Fitzwest resident please take a few minutes to complete the survey and hand it to one of our Executive who will be on hand to receive it (or go to our http:// and fill it in there). Once we have the results we’ll collate them, put them on our website and use them as a basis for our suggestions for a pilot.

Are you a FitzWest resident? *
Are either refuse or recycling collected from your front door?
Are you aware of Westminster City Council's refuse collection times in your street?
Do you find the current refuse collection arrangements confusing?
Do you think the refuse collection arrangements could be simpler?
Do you require refuse collections more frequently than twice a week?
Do you require recycling collections more frequently than once a week?
What collection time would suit you best (please circle two only)
How long do you think people should be allowed to put refuse out on the streets before the collection time?
Are you concerned about air and noise pollution from frequent refuse and recycling collections?
Would a more efficient street collection be a satisfactory replacement for black bins?
Will you support a pilot refuse collection scheme that sets fixed collections and collection times each week to see how this works?
What are your concerns/issues concerning refuse collection?
Your answer
Do you support enforcement against fly tipping and placing refuse on the street outside of the permitted hours?
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