2020 FYD Endorsement Questionnaire
The Florida Young Democrats (FYD) are the official chartered chapter of the Young Democrats of America in the Sunshine State. In order to be considered for an FYD endorsement during the 2020 election cycle, we require submitted answers to the following questions. Candidates acknowledge that follow up questions, surveys, and interviews may be requested in order to fully asses your campaign.

We look forward to hearing more about you and your campaign!

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Why do you feel you are the best candidate for this seat? What unique qualities or experiences do you have that will benefit those you serve? *
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Have you run for office before? *
If yes, for what seats and in what years?
Have you held office before? *
If yes, what office and during what years?
Please tell us more about your priorities and what issues you are most passionate about.
What are your top three issues that you feel are most important? *
What specific solutions or policies do you support in addressing these issues? Please be detailed. *
With what community organizations are you involved? Why have you chosen these organizations to dedicate your time and efforts? *
How are you (personally or through organizations) helping to create opportunities for young people to become community leaders? *
If elected to this office, how do you plan to use your office and leadership role to "build the bench" of young Democratic leaders? *
What do you believe are the issues that have the greatest impact on young people? *
What is one issue within the purview of the office you are seeking that you believe must be approached differently to build a more stable future for young people and future generations? *
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