The ROPECRAFT Chicago 2019 Vendor Application
ROPECRAFT is excited to welcome community organizations and businesses that would like to join us as vending sponsors. Please see below for all information about all the Vendor opportunities available at ROPECRAFT in 2019!

With six exciting events under our belt, we are very happy to be returning to ROPECRAFT Chicago this Spring! Please make sure you read the FINE PRINT at the bottom of this form, as there are some new guidelines for this ROPECRAFT.

Our Chicago convention runs May 24th through the 27th in Lisle, IL just outside of Chicago. You'll have three full days of vending plus an optional Friday afternoon start!

Sell rope? You can't ask for a more targeted demographic, and the entire ROPECRAFT event wants to help you succeed. Our acting vendor coordinator for this event is Graydancer, and your messages can be focused towards Applications close 45 days before our event for sure but are accepted on a rolling basis so don't wait! Space is limited.

And in case you're wondering, the Vending Sponsorship levels - "Munter", "Half-Hitch", "Bowline" and "Double-Coin" are named after popular knots. This is bound to be fun and knot to be missed. Come join us!

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Vending Sponsorship Tiers
------- The "Munter" Sponsor-$200 -------
All proceeds at this level benefit to Co-Presenter/Bottoms Travel Fund
Small ad on ROPECRAFT Vendor Page on our website
Promotional Materials in Attendee Welcome Packet (up to 5.5X8.5)
Social Media Mentions (Sponsor thank you post on Fetlife and 3-5 twitter and fetlife mentions)

------- The "Half-Hitch" Special - $250 -------
One vendor table
One full event pass
Promotion material included in attendee welcome packet (up to 5.5X8.5)
Small ad on ROPECRAFT Vendor Page on our website

------- The "Bowline" - $400 -------
Two vendor tables
Two full event passes
Promotional materials in attendee welcome packet (up to 5.5X8.5)
Small ad on ROPECRAFT Vendor Page on our website

------- The "Double-Coin'" - $550 -------
Featured vendor page on our website
Featured sponsorship of a RopeCraft special event.
Prominent Vendor Location
Social media promotions (featured vendor fetlife post - individual and regular Twitter mentions)
Promo materials in attendee welcome packet (up to 5.5X8.5)
Two vendor tables
Two full event passes

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Vending Sponsor Details:If you are planning on being a vending sponsor at our event, please provide a detailed description of what you plan on having available for sale at ROPECRAFT Chicago. This information will be used to select a diverse group of vendors.
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The Fine Print
Now, here's the fine print:

**Sponsor and Vendor Guidelines and Information**

Vendors are vetted similarly to presenters and artists to ensure that they are in accordance with the ROPECRAFT Principles ( ). Any violation prior to the event will result in a refund of the sponsorship and a withdrawal of sponsorship benefits; violations during the event will result in eviction from the space with no refund.

In accordance with our principles and in an effort to make our event a more inclusive and supportive space for all, we will not allow any marketing techniques which profit off of the real mistreatment or suffering of any communities. In other words: “Cinderella Slipper clear bondage tape” is fine; “Genuine Chinese Footbinding Twine” is not. This includes but is not limited to marketing of items using terms such as “geisha”, “master/slave”, “whore” and others. Feel free to cover products using unsuitable language with more inclusive terms, i.e. “The Master/slave Handbook” should not be displayed, but could be labeled “The Dom/sub Handbook”. If you unsure or unclear on how this policy affects you, please feel free to contact us at

Vending load in will begin at 10 am Friday morning. Vendors will not be permitted to set up before load in begins or after the vendor area closes at 8 pm Friday. Only vendor badges will be allowed into the vendor area during load in.

The vendor’s area will open to attendees at 5pm Friday afternoon. No commerce will be permitted before this time. Any non-vendors inside the vendor area before it opens will be asked to leave.

Each vendor will be assigned a space within the vendor area. This is the only space that each vendor is allowed to occupy.

Each tier clearly states number of tables that will be provided. Vendors may not bring in additional tables. All allocated tables will be in the vendor’s demarcated space when they arrive for load in. Vendors are welcome to set them up to best suit their needs with their demarcated space.

Vendors are not permitted to market and/or advertise within the convention center outside of their demarcated space without prior arrangement and permission from ROPECRAFT staff. This includes, but is not limited to, signage on walls, roaming leafleters, and placing promotional materials on tables that are not inside of the vendor’s demarcated area (unless otherwise specified).

All graphics must be complete and sent to 30 days before the start of the convention in order to be included in our online gallery. It is advantageous to get these graphics to us as soon as possible so we can promote you!

All promotional materials must be received two weeks prior to the start date of the event be added to our Attendee Welcome Packet. An address will be provided for shipping upon receipt of payment for the Vendor or Sponsor Tier.

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