THE GRADUAL OF ELEANOR OF BRITTANY - Vocal Masterclass 布列塔尼的埃莉諾升階經 - 聲樂大師班
Mezzo-soprano Laurence Brisset studied harpsichord with William Christie and Noëlle Spieth at the Lille Conservatory (CNR) before devoting herself to singing. She was unanimously awarded Premier Prix in voice at the Versailles Conservatory (CNR) and was admitted to the postgraduate course in opera at the Conservatoire National Supérieur of Paris, studying with Xavier Depraz. She simultaneously studied early musical notation and took part in many concerts and recordings with the Organum (1983-2000) and Discantus (1989-1992) ensembles. Brisset will give masterclasses to students, sharing her technique on singing.

藝術總監兼女中音歌手羅倫絲‧比列錫最初在里爾音樂學院(Lille Conservatory)隨威廉‧克里斯蒂(William Christie)和魯爾‧斯皮耶夫(Noëlle Spieth)修習羽管鍵琴,後來專注於聲樂。她在馬賽的凡爾賽音樂學院(Versailles Conservatory)聲樂系以最高榮譽畢業,接著進入巴黎的國立高等音樂學院(Conservatoire National Supérieur)歌劇研究課程深造,師隨薩維亞‧迪普利斯(Xavier Depraz)。她同時研習早期音樂記譜法,並參與奧干農(Organum,1983-2000)和狄斯康德斯(Discantus,1989-1992)等團體的多項音樂表演和唱片製作。比列錫是一位資深的聲樂教師,她將會在大師班分享她的歌唱心得和技巧。

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