Nonprofit Application - Opportunity Hack 2021 - Last day for submissions: September 17th
Each year, we gather 100+ people from locations around the world to solve technical problems for 20+ public charities, non-profit organizations (NPOs), and non-government organizations (NGOs).

This form helps us to find the charities that are the right fit for our event.

✅ This year, we're putting emphasis on charities focused on Economic Empowerment as this overlaps with PayPal's Community Impact goals. We define Economic Empowerment as: having the agency, skills, resources, and opportunities needed to compete equitably in markets, and achieve long-term economic security.

More information on Opportunity Hack is available at

🥇We're able to sponsor top prizes for teams who are selected by the judges to complete your project post-hackathon. We only can sponsor teams if we have sponsors, if you know of any companies would would be willing to sponsor a prize, please share within your network to help us complete as many projects as possible!

Sponsorship allows us to incentivize teams to complete their hackathon projects. From our previous experience over the last 9 years, in order for projects to reach completion states, we need to provide a prize with monetary value that attracts the attention of the team to follow-through.
Email *
Complete transparency: Not all projects will be completed after the hackathon *
Sponsorship allows us to incentivize teams to complete their hackathon projects. From our previous experience over the last 9 years, in order for projects to reach completion states, we need to provide a prize with monetary value that attracts the attention of the team to follow-through. Through our sponsors, we typically can award prizes for completion to the Top 4 teams. Some teams, without any sponsorship, continue to work with their non-profit post-hackathon, but those situations are rather rare. In an effort to continue unfinished work, we do work through local universities to sponsor follow-on projects as part of senior capstone programs.
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Take a peek this video to better understand our hackathon
Key dates
September 17th: Application deadline (extended!)
September 20th: Announcement of selected non-profits
October 11th to 15th: Non-profit presentation workshop - we work with you to better define your problem statement so that "hackers" can build something to help you!
October 18th to 25th: Opportunity Hack 2021
October 25th: Winning project and teams announcement
How the hackathon works
There are 3 steps to Opportunity Hack

Step 1: Proposal - Non-profit and social enterprises will prepare a problem statement for a technology project that they would like the hackathon participants to work on by completing the questionnaire below. In order to ensure that you have at least one team to work with at the hackathon, we will review all submissions to select eight to ten organizations for Opportunity Hack. You will be notified by September 20th if you have been selected to pitch their ideas at the hackathon.

Step 2: Pre-hackathon Workshop - PayPal and its partners will host Opportunity Hack workshops to help non-profits refine their problem statements and project pitches. These workshops will be conducted via phone and screenshare first and follow-up sessions will occur as needed either in virtually or in person. We will reach out to you to schedule a time that works best for you.

Step 3: Hackathon involvement - If your project is selected, at least one knowledgeable member of your staff must be available to pitch the project to the volunteers on the first day of the hackathon and then be available by phone, email, or Slack to consult with any hackers that choose to work on your project. The more you are available, the better.

During the hackathon, participants will create a prototype of a solution for your technology need. The prototype will be created using open-source technologies and will be open-sourced to the public after the event. The winning teams will have the majority of their prize money withheld until they fully complete their solution and you, the non-profit, agree that it meets their needs (you will typically tell us over Slack).
Name of Charity Organization *
We support charities including non-profits (NPOs) and non-government organizations (NGOs)
Areas of focus for your non-profit? *
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Does your organization or program serve a majority (51% or more) of any of the following populations?
Contact People *
Who is the best person we can contact to better understand your problem statements? Feel free to include as many people as possible.
Contact phone number(s) *
We'd like to ensure our hackers (the people writing the code) have your contact information for any questions they have, we'd also like to have this number so that we can reach out to you before you are able to join us on Slack. Feel free to include as many phone numbers as possible.
Please provide a brief summary or your organization’s purpose and history. *
Feel free to include a link to this if it's easier for us to read it on your website or social media account
Describe what technical problem would you like hackathon participants to solve? *
Try to think only about the problem you are trying to solve, and not how you want to solve it. The more specific you can get with your problem(s), the better scoped your project will be.
How would a solution to these challenges help further your work, mission, strategy, or growth? *
Given that this problem is solved, how can it help you and your non-profit?
I am familiar with what Slack is *
We use Slack as our only mechanism for communication for Opportunity Hack, we ask this question to better understand your knowledge of using Slack (see for more info)
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Is at least one key staff person who is knowledgeable about the project and your needs available to attend the event? This would include providing an email and phone number for questions during times when the staff isn't physically available. *
We use as our primary communication platform both before the hackathon starts and during the hackathon. We'll send you a link with additional details a few months leading up to the hackathon.
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