Inter-collegiate Sociology Quiz Competition
Dear Students,
Smt. KDM Girls College, Hiwari Nagar Layout, Nagpur is organizing an intercollegiate sociology quiz competition for all students.
The Criteria for passing the quiz is 40% in order to get an e-certificate. This is open from 4th june till 10th June 2020.
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1. 'Integrated tribal Development Project'  was launched in India in the year. *
2. 'Satyashodhak Samaj' was founded by Jyotirao Phule in- *
3. which programme given the 'Slogan of Garibi Hatao' *
4. "Man is a social animal" who said so? *
5. Institution is comparatively________ *
6.____ was abolished by the Act of 1829. *
7.  The response of individuals to one another is . *
8.  ______ is any act that contravenes the law established by a political authority. *
9. Which one of the following does not represent ascribed status? *
10. World Literacy Day is celebrated on _____ *
11.  Prejudice and feelings of cultural superiority give rise to : *
12.  National education policy was introduced in _____ *
13.  Girls are socialized very different than boys. *
14. A  biologically distinct group representing a common and distinctive heredity is referred to as: *
15. Individual with a combination of low-ascribed and high-achieved statuses often act "pushy" in their attempt to emphasis their achieved status. This is conceptualized as: *
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