FILLUP registration
At first, we need to describe what is FILLUP.
Free (&Fun&Friendly) – Nobody pays for it, boredom is forbidden and friendliness is obvious
International – There are always people from all over the world
Language Lesson – It gives the opportunity to practice English in a pleasant way
Unity Programme – FILLUP increases understanding between cultures.
Those fillups are usually once a week and usually on Mondays when we meet all together on New Aula (NA2)
One fillup = one country.
You can prepare a short presentation about your country, manners and traditions, food, holidays etc. which you think are different from other nations.
We can help you with the organization and give you 1300czk for food and drinks, which you want to present. There are just 2 rules.
1. You need to bring Bill in CZK
2. No alcohol on a bill
Also, we can provide you with plastic plates and cups for food and drinks
Possible dates, choose multiple choice, we will contact you which one is possible, you can have the same as someone else. *
Country you want to present *
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