SBE Distilling Event at 117W Sign-Up
NOTE: All available shares are now claimed and any additional sign-ups are to be put on a wait list. Anyone may still attend the event, but will not be able to take home a bottle. All requests have been reduced to 1 bottle to maximize the number of participants.

We are planning a distilling event at 117W distillery in Vista (same parking lot as Aztec) on Sunday 3/31 at 10am.
Distilling will take about 4 hours, so it should be done by 2pm or so.

Members will brew the beer and we will gather as a club to distill it while we enjoy the spirits and cocktails available for purchase. After aging in barrels, we will later get to pick up bottles to keep.

Slots are limited and we need to hit an even barrel amount, so sign up soon. You can commit to what you want and I'll adjust based on number of sign-ups. If we are oversubscribed, the first to sign up will get in.

The recipe will be an unhopped rye porter. You will need to brew according to the recipe and bring the fully fermented beer to the event. A 1-bottle share of the final result will require 4 gallons of finished beer and a $10 contribution toward barrels and supplies. Members can collaborate on brewing up the beer to reduce the number of batches we need to brew.

Note: Any additional sign-ups will only be able to sign up for a single bottle. Most of the previous sign-ups will be reduced to 1 or 2 bottles to ensure that as many people as possible can be part of this.

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Level of Involvement *
You can brew and attend, brew and send your finished beer with someone, or attend just to drink and watch without getting bottles. If you are planning to collaborate with other brewers on producing the beer, sign up for one of the Brewing options. "Attending but not brewing" means you don't want any bottles.
Max Amount *
We are trying to accommodate as many people as possible, so you may not be able to get your desired max amount. Each bottle will require 4 gallons of beer and cost $10 toward barrel, bottling, and overhead. The limit is 1 for any additional sign-ups at this point.
Max Batch Size
Max batch size you can make, possibly without boiling. Around 1.075 OG
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Splitting Brewing
These are odd amounts and some people may be able to brew more shares than they can or are allowed to take. Select all that would work for you and we'll try to coordinate.
Interested in buying used barrels?
5 gallon Balcones-style barrels, use once for 117W spirits. $120 each
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