Ontologies for LOD in the Humanities Workshop @ DH2019
By filling in this form, you are applying to participate, *either in person or virtually by way of contributing materials via this form,* in the half-day workshop "Ontologies for Linked Data in the Humanities", sponsored by the ADHO LOD SIG, that will take place in July prior to Digital Humanities 2019, in Utrecht, Netherlands, likely on July 7th although this remains to be confirmed.

This workshop seeks to bring together a wide selection of scholars, researchers, and advocates to share ideas about ontologies for LOD. We recognize that not everyone who works with LOD will be able to make it to this conference, so we open this form all LOD scholars who wish to share their views on ontologies with the wider community.

The team behind this workshop is therefore requesting permission to add your submission, if accepted, to a growing openly available online collection on LOD in the Humanities with a CC-BY-NC licence. See the collection from the 2017 workshop here: https://tinyurl.com/LOD4Hum

By filling in this form, you grant us permission to circulate the information you provide to participants in the workshop and to add it this collection. Submissions will be reviewed by the program committee for the workshop. Presentations will be short (5 mins) presentations on ontologies. If your proposal is accepted, you will be sent further information about preparation for the workshop. With respect to your submission here, you will be sent proofs to review, and we will email you a link to the final resource when it becomes available.

To be clear, you do not need to be attending DH2019 to add your short paper submission to this list. There is a question below that will help us separate those who are attending and wish to present from those who simply want to be included in the digital collection.

Thank you for helping us to promote discussion of ontologies through this event and the open online collection!

Deadline for submissions for participation in person: May 13th, 2019.

Program committee: Susan Brown, Johanna Drucker, Kim Martin, Ryan Shaw, Joseph Tennis, Jasmine Drudge-Willson

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