Show Some Skin - Project Grants 2019-2020 Call for Proposals
Show Some Skin's mission is to give voice to unspoken stories about identity and difference. We respectfully present anonymous monologues about individuals’ experiences by combining the arts of personal storytelling and performance. As a movement, Show Some Skin strives to be a catalyst for the campus community’s discovery and appreciation of Notre Dame’s true diversity and complexity.

As we begin to work on the ninth installment for Spring 2020, Show Some Skin is excited to offer six $500 grants to individual students or groups to tackle a project that addresses an issue or problem of local, national, or international importance. The project should align with Show Some Skin's mission. Grant money could be used to fund conference travel and presentation; to host a dialogue or forum on a topic you find necessary and valuable; to exhibit a creative project; and so much more.

If you have an interesting, amazing, and potentially transformative idea, submit a proposal!

DEADLINE: 11:59 pm SEPT 1, 2019

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Name of Project, Activity/Event, or Conference Presentation *
Please describe the project, activity/event, or conference presentation. Your description should include when and where this will happen; who else (besides you, if applicable) will be involved in the planning; what your goal or expected outcome is; and how it fits with the stated mission of Show Some Skin. (Max 500 words.) *
Have you applied for other funding to support your project, activity/event or conference presentation? *
If you have applied for, or received, other funding, please indicate which department or office you applied to and how much you requested.
Please upload a pdf of your proposed budget. If applicable, you should itemize expenses for travel, food, materials/supplies, venue cost, equipment rental (e.g., projector and screen), and other items that will allow you to carry out your project, activity/event, or conference presentation. *
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