2019 Whole Animal Orders
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A whole lamb is $9.45/lb hanging weight and requires a $100 deposit to hold your order.
Whole Pig
A whole lamb is $5.95/lb hanging weight and requires a $200 deposit to hold your order.
Terms and Conditions
1. All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
2. If you are splitting your order with someone else, please arrange for only one person to pick it up at a time - we cannot be responsible for holding the other half of your items.
3. Email is the primary form of communication for these orders. Important information about changes in dates and filling out cut sheets will be communicated in this way.
4. Between the many different animals and their own natural growth weights, we will do our very best to fill your order. Any estimate to their final weight is an educated guess. While the deposit is non-refundable, if we cannot find a suitable animal for you, we will refund your deposit.
5. Due to the slaughterhouse's schedule, the final pick up day is subject to change. We are unable to store your meat for more than a week, so please plan to make arrangements for it to be picked up if you are not able to.
6. We will fill out a cut sheet with you and will do our best to ensure that your animal is prepared in the way in which you choose. However it is possible that the slaughterhouse might make a mistake in the cutting process and we cannot offer a refund for their errors.
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