ID Clinic RSVP - November 29th, 5 - 9 PM
Join us for an ID clinic at Q Center where we will have copies of forms, frequently asked questions, guidance from amazing people who understand the processes, and check in with providers who can sign off on letters and forms or schedule you for appointments to get letters. Documents we will be addressing include: passports, social security, military ID, state issued ID (including driver's licenses), birth certificates, and court orders for name and gender marker changes.

We'll have snacks sponsored by Legacy Health, childcare provided by Camp Fire Columbia staff, and self-care spaces.

Please help us keep the space scent-free as much as possible. ASL interpretation is pending and updates will be posted to the Facebook event page.

Hosted by The Equi Institute, the ID Project at Outside In, Brave Space LLC, Q Center, Legacy Health, and other wonderful organizations & individuals!

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This is how you want other people to refer to you! (they/them, she/her, ze/hir, ze/zir, he/him, etc.)
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We want to make sure we can get in contact in case anything changes! Also this will help us connect you with attorneys or health providers if you're in need of their services.
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Which documents are you hoping to correct?
We will have forms printed for you at the event. Please check each document you're interested in! We will have several people available to sign DMV forms.
We will have a few providers on site to help with issuing letters for document correction. Are you already a patient of one of these providers?
If you are already a patient of these providers, they can issue letters. If you are not established and want to get a letter, we will help you schedule with them.
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