Regional Civil Society (CS) Consultation
When the GFF was launched at the Financing for Development Conference in Addis Ababa in July 2015, it promised to make progress towards universal health coverage by putting women, children and adolescents first. Its overall goal is to contribute to ending preventable maternal, newborn, child and adolescent deaths by 2030 and improving the health and quality of life of women, adolescents and children in 50 priority countries. In order to deliver on that promise and reach the level of ambition set for the GFF replenishment, a concerted and amplified advocacy effort from civil society across countries at all stages of the GFF lifecycle is needed to move closer to securing commitments to the replenishment and maintaining interest and engagement in funding country investment cases.

In November 2018, the GFF Secretariat will hold the replenishment conference, co-hosted by the Governments of Norway and Burkina Faso, the World Bank Group, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which will support the scaling up of the GFF in more countries. The GFF We Want Campaign will leverage the opportunity of the GFF replenishment to elevate the voice of civil society and embed lessons learned by GFF implementing countries in the replenishment. A part of this is a regional consultation, constituting of an online questionnaire and interviews with civil society in-country that will capture challenges in engaging stakeholders and delivering on the promised outcomes of the GFF, as well as the opportunities the GFF can leverage for greater impact. T

WACI Health whose mission is to champion the end of life-threatening epidemics and health for all in Africa by influencing political priorities through an effective, evidence-driven Pan-African civil society voice and action; is partnering with the ACTION Partnership to facilitate the consultation in the African region. In this regard, WACI Health has engaged Dr Margaret Makumi, a Kenyan based medical doctor and public health specialist to provide technical assistance in undertaking the regional CS consultations and development of the materials.
The Questionnaire: Introduction
Thank you for accepting to participate in the regional civil society consultation on the GFF. Your responses will be helpful in identifying the status of the GFF process and CS engagement in the implementation of the GFF which will inform the “GFF We Want Campaign”.

Any information that you provide will only be used for the purpose of this regional CSOs consultation. While we will use the name of your organization, if you do not want your name to appear, you can request for it to not be linked to your responses.

Your participation is voluntary. If you are not comfortable with a question, you may choose not to answer it. The different sections of the questionnaire cover areas of the GFF including: Multi-stakeholder Country Platform; Investment Framework/Case; Financing for the RMNCAH+N Investment Framework/Case; Civil Society Engagement; Private Sector; Accountability; and Lessons Learned, Promising Best Practices and Opportunities.

***This form includes the questions that will be filled by CS in target countries. The questionnaire can be completed on-line or a soft copy which can be sent via email. By filling out the questionnaire, you give WACI Health permission access to the completed questionnaires on-line or via email (in document form).

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