MetroLab Summit 2018 Hosting Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in hosting the 2018 MetroLab Annual Summit- expected for October 2018.

For general information, we anticipate that the 2018 Summit will attract between 250-300 guests. Please keep this figure in mind as you answer the questions below.

Please complete the following few questions no later than Wednesday, October 25, 2017 and we will reach out to you shortly to schedule a call.

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Do you have support from your organization's leadership to host this event?
Is your MetroLab partner interested in co-hosting the Summit?
Can you dedicate a point person from your organization to work with MetroLab to plan the conference?
Can your MetroLab partner(s) also dedicate a point person to work with MetroLab?
Do the university and/or city have in-kind venue space that could be used for the event?
This would include at least one (1) large plenary room that could hold up to 300 guests and at least 3-5 rooms that could accommodate breakout sessions.
Would the university and/or city be willing to help MetroLab fundraise for the event?
Additional details can be discussed on the preliminary call.
What are some of the highlights of your city that would make it an attractive place to host #MetroLab2018?
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Thank you for your interest. If you have any other questions please contact us at
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