Early Childhood Center
The Early Childhood Center at Fremont-Mills (new construction north of the school) may be opening as early as this spring. The Early Childhood Center will house our preschool programs, may house an all-day care program along with a before and after school care program. This survey contains questions about these services and how you might utilize them. Thank you for completing this survey so the FM staff and administration can learn of the needs you have in relation to child care programming.
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Would you use childcare services (daycare) at the Fremont-Mills Early Childhood Center during the SUMMER of 2018 or during the upcoming 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR?
In what capacity would you use the Early Childhood Center?
When thinking about childcare services for your family, when would you need them?
Fremont-Mills will continue to serve children, ages 3-4-5 in the preschool setting. Serving younger students is still in question, but we would like your feedback to help determine the need of serving younger students. For what ages of children would you utilize the Early Childhood Center in terms of childcare services?
If applicable, when thinking of BEFORE SCHOOL hours, when would you need the services to begin most days?
If applicable, when thinking of AFTER SCHOOL hours, when would you need the services to end most days?
If applicable, for what ages of children will you need Before/After School Care?
What questions (if any) do you have related to the Early Childhood Center?
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