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Type of Transport (Unless specified, all quotes given are for shared transports. If you decide to upgrade to a private transport, the fee will be increased to reflect the change). *
I understand that a health certificate is needed in order to legally transport. To ask a transporter to ship without a valid health certificate is against USDA regulations and illegal. If I am not the person sending the pet, it is my responsibility to inform them of this requirement. *
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Requested pickup date (We will later communicate about a specific date, with this being a general guide)  Pickup is typically within a few days before or after selected date. This does not necessarily apply to requests booked with little notice, ie booked today with tomorrow as the requested pickup date.  Pet must have current health certificate  available 48 hours prior to requested pickup date and enough pet food for the trip. *
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*Pickup Date entered is requested only, not guaranteed. Bailey's Best Care will pick up as close to this date as possible, usually within a few days before or after the date requested. *The person at pickup must provide enough pet food for the trip and a current health certificate. *Plans should be made for the Health Certificate  to be available two days prior to pickup. *Delivery Date is also not guaranteed. Bailey's Best Care will transport all pets as quickly as safely possible and will provide professional, compassionate care while they are on board. Pets are not on board for unreasonable amounts of time, but sometimes variables beyond our control arise, and a trip can be extended by a day or two beyond our initial estimate.                                                                            *While Bailey's Best Care is liable for the care your pet receives while under our watch, please understand that a health certificate is not a 100% guarantee that an animal is healthy, just as humans can pass physical exams with an underlying health issue going unnoticed. Bailey's Best Care is only liable for injury or illness that is verified to have happened while in our care. *Acceptance of the pet at delivery is considered proof of healthy pet, unless the driver signs documentation stating otherwise, and the owner is notified prior to the acceptance being made.                         *I understand that Bailey's Best Care recommends I do not schedule time off from work based on a pickup or delivery date, unless specifically, and mutually, agreed upon, in advance to booking a private transport. *
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