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NOTE: During COVID-19 school closures, we hope to publish a new story on the website EVERY WEEKDAY. Please feel free to submit stories anytime, and we will publish our favorites!

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Use this form to submit an original short story for publication in REVISTA LITERAL. Short stories must be original, easy to understand for a student in Spanish 1 or 2, written by students or classes, between 100 and 300 words in Spanish, and ideally fictitious.
What is your first name? (OPTIONAL--will be published) If you are submitting something created by several students or by a class, please enter all first names OR a description of the class (ex: Profe Vecchitto's 3rd period class)
Where do you live? (City, State/Province, Country) (OPTIONAL-will be published)
How old are you? (OPTIONAL-will be published)
I acknowledge that if my submission is chosen for publication in Revista Literal, it will be protected under a CC-BY-SA-NC 3.0 license. That means that anyone can use and adapt my submission provided they share it for free with the same license. It can never be sold.
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I acknowledge that The Comprehensible Classroom will edit and make small revisions to all texts chosen for publication so that they are comprehensible and appropriate for the target audience. *
What is the title of your story (in Spanish)? Ideal titles are 4-8 words. *
Type your story here. Do not worry about errors - the Publication team will review and edit the story before publishing it. Ideal stories are 50-200 words. *
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