International Buddy Program - Volunteer Form for Fall 2019
-------------------------------------------------RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY---------------------------------------------------
The purpose of this form is to better get to know my volunteers. What are your areas of expertise? What do you expect of this program? What can you bring? What are your hobbies? All of these, plus basic information will help me pair you up with your perfect match for the International Buddy Program!
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What is the Buddy Program
What is the Buddy Program?

The primary purpose of this program is to smooth the transition for new international student to PEI and UPEI by providing further assistance and support in the form of the Buddy Program. This provides assistance on a student to student basis.
By providing support to new international students in terms of: adapting to a new setting and culture, new norms and traditions, and in general, just providing a friend on campus; it helps create a more relaxed and hospitable atmosphere for new incoming international students.
The secondary purpose, which in my opinion is just as important as the first, is to HAVE FUN! Throughout the semester the buddy coordinator will be hosting events so all of you can have some fun activities to do between your arduous study sessions. Not only that but you get the chance to befriend more than just your buddy, but other buddies and volunteers as well! That is the gist of it.

For further details please contact:

Here's the link to sign up for international student orientation. It is a great way to meet fellow international students and get started on the buddy program:
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Any questions or requests about the buddy program? Please be precise so I can provide the best answer possible! :D
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