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Vision Statement: WWU provides and promotes sustainable alternatives in the procurement of goods and services.
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Goal 1: Give priority to sustainable businesses.
• Objective 1.1: Develop “Sustainable Purchasing Guidelines” within the E-Procurement process, inclusive of lifecycle accountability, vendor information, embodied energy and emissions, and social equity practices.
• Objective 1.2: Create and implement whole-life costing in establishing purchasing guidelines.
• Objective 1.3: Increase purchases from local and regional business by [%].
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Goal 2: Optimize the use of recycled products and natural resources throughout our supply chain.
• Objective 2.1: Create a tracking system that will annually provide data on all University purchasing.
• Objective 2.2: Increase the use of recycled and reclaimed products by [%].
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Goal 3: Engage students, staff, faculty and others through education and activities.
• Objective 3.1: Survey students, staff and faculty to gauge their knowledge of sustainable purchasing by [date].
• Objective 3.2: Create opportunities for all students, staff, and faculty to learn about sustainable purchasing by [date].
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