Join the Fight to Demand More Accessible and Visible Gender Neutral Restrooms at CCNY!
Sign this petition in support of gender-neutral restrooms at CCNY!

We need at least 2,000 signatures in order to get the attention of CCNY officials so spread the word! Every signature counts!

***Also please note that the information entered in this petition must be accurate or your signature will not count***

Us LGBT+ students and allies of City College demand that the City College of New York:
(1) post the gender-neutral restroom map visibly in different buildings
(2) make gender-neutral restrooms available in each building on-campus
(3) make sure that the gender-neutral restrooms on-campus are accessible (i.e. not in the basement past a series of classrooms)
(4) assist in re-framing the conversation around gender-neutral restrooms so that students are aware they are present to support students who may not feel comfortable using the gendered multi-stall restrooms

Current victories:
(1) the gender-neutral bathroom map is now accessable on CCNY's website!:

Outside of this petition if you would individually like to communicate your concerns around gender-neutral restrooms please feel free to email to better articulate any issues that you or others may be facing

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