Kalani High School: Technology Program 2020-2021
Your participation in Kalani High School's Technology Program is OPTIONAL. If you would like to bring in a student-owned device (laptop, Chrome book, or tablet - NO CELL PHONES allowed) to access the school WiFi network while on campus, please complete the form below. Access will be FREE of charge for this school year (2020-2021) only.
Student: Last Name *
Student: First Name *
Grade *
Student Email: 202_@kalanihs.org *
Make/Brand of the device (Macbook, HP, Lenovo, etc.) *
Wi-Fi (MAC) Address: _ _ -_ _ -_ _ -_ _ -_ _ -_ _ *
You may "google" how to find the Wi-Fi (MAC) address on your device. It will be a series of numbers/letters: 12 characters. See this website for directions in finding your Mac Address: https://rb.gy/kbgw7x
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Antivirus Program *
Must be up to date. Acceptable software: McAfee, Norton, Malwarebytes, Windows Defender, Avast or equivalent. MACBOOKS - we recommend Malwarebytes. IPADS AND CHROMEBOOKS DO NOT NEED TO DOWNLOAD A 3rd PARTY ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE.
Parent/Guardian: First & Last Name *
Parent/Guardian: Contact Phone # *
Parent/Guardian: Email Address *
You will receive an email confirmation containing your completed Commitment form. Please print, sign, and turn in to A13 Computer Lab on the the first day back at school OR you can mail it to Kalani High School (see printed form for address).
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