NWCC Race Team Reimbursement submission
Fill in all fields where indicated, ensure your Paypal account is functioning correctly before filing.

Then you can use this form to claim up to 8 race reimbursements. Click "NEXT" to go through the remaining screens once all of your races are entered.

Cat 5, Non-TX Cup and DNF's cannot be reimbursed. Please review the NWCC RT 2019 Handbook in detail prior to filing for reimbursements. Please submit any questions to NWCC RTD or Treasurer.

For quantities in dollars below, please enter everything to nearest dollar type in just the number e.g. - "40" instead of "$40"

Please respect our volunteers' time and do NOT ask for a check to be mailed - Paypal ONLY
Your name *
USAC License Number *
Paypal email address *
Quarter - check with RT handbook on filing deadlines for reimbursement. Reports filed after deadline may not qualify for reimbursement. *
I certify that the reimbursement request that follows is a true and accurate claim, filed in accordance with the arrangements detailed in the RT manual. I understand that filing false requests will result in disqualification from the team *
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