Youth group survey!
This survey is meant to help us envision how we will spend our time together. The responses will help me guide the conversation in our initial planning meeting. Honest and creative answers are appreciated!
Name and pronouns you use
Which church do you go to? *
Which day(s) would be best for a regular meeting time? *
For each day you selected above, please suggest a couple of times that would be best on that day. *
When you think of youth group, what makes you most excited? What is something you definitely want to do? *
Please check any and all activities that sound interesting to you. (We're very much in a planning stage right now. The goal is to think big. Some of these things won't be realistic until after the pandemic.) *
What do you definitely not want youth group to be? *
What are your expectations for me as a youth group facilitator? *
Additional info! Comments, questions, ideas, etc.
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