Nature and Climate Survey Results 2020 - Input Form
Please use a different form for each survey unit (500 m)

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Background information on the 500m survey unit
Country Code *
8= Rep. of Ireland; 23= Northern Ireland
County Code *
Block Code *
Unit Code *
Shore name &/or landmark
Name of surveyor(s) *
Date of survey
Please, give your phone number only if you agree to be contacted by Coastwatch
Please, give your email only if you agree to be contacted by Coastwatch
Would you like to be named as surveyor and results contributor? *
No means your name will not appear on acknowledgements or be released unless you change your mind
Wetland habitat, key climate change importance plants, seaweeds
Are any of these most important carbon store wetlands in your splash zone?
Did you find any of these plants and seaweeds? Those marked with an askterisk are very important carbon stores.
See identification notes
Indicate which of the animals listed below you found alive or dead:
Sea Urchins
Domestic/Farm animal name
Domestic/farm animal
Animal Counts
Seabirds - alive
Seabirds - dead
Seabirds with oil - alive
Seabirds with oil - dead
Seals - alive
Seals - dead
Dolphins, Whales - alive
Dolphins, Whales - dead
Rats - alive
Rats - dead
Note if you see reefs or large patches with lots of:
Any other special worms or worm comments?
II. Sea shells
Did you find any of the following? (Dead=shell only)
Note if lots of mussels (Beds)
Native oyster
Note if lots of native oysters (Beds)
Gigas oyster
Note if lots of Gigas oysters (stuck to rocks or stuck to each other)
Note if lots of cockles (Beds)
Razor shell
Note if lots of razor shells (Beds)
Note on limpets
Pelicans Foot
Notes on pelicans foot
Notes on dogwhelks
Shellfish eggs
Notes on shellfish eggs
Name of "Other" shellfish found
Please specify
Notes on other shellfish
Homes under Stones? Peep under a stone to see who lives here, quickle, gently put it down. Repeat x3.
Did you see fish?
Clear selection
SPECIAL FEATURES - Complete if you think your survey area or adjacent sea has features to be included in our first Marine Spatial Plan:
- because of its nature: important habitat, high biodiversity, rare species
- &/or archaeology
&/or other including traditional use
Any queries, concerns or problems found which should be addressed?
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