Marathon Fancy Pants - June 19th, 8PM, 1 hr
PLEASE NOTE: This Fancy Pants will take place during the Marathon. Because of this, it will be ~ 1 hour long, and the cast will be smaller than usual due to the shortened show-length (and 8 core marathon players being pre-casted). Casting priority will go to those who are not otherwise going to be in the Marathon and who are supporting the Marathon in some way.

***To be considered for the cast of Fancy Pants, please complete the google form below!***

What is Fancy Pants?

In short - a super fun monthly show (usually every first Friday!) at The Hideout Theatre. It is perfect for ANY improviser, regardless of your current level, experience, or improv background. Priority goes to students from all the theatres in town, but ALL are welcome! Everyone from ANY theatre or experience level is invited to sign up! Haven’t taken Austin classes, but have improv experience from somewhere else? Great - sign up!

This show is great for students looking for more stage practice AND as a playground for experienced veterans to try out new ideas or play with people they never get a chance to play with!

The show is a series of directed two person scenes. I’ll draw two names at random from the hat, and those players will pick whatever they feel inspired to do! Big fan of elephants? Great! Do a scene inspired by elephants! Want to make up games that have never been played? Awesome! Do that! Want to play an old standby, like New Choice? Sweet! I love New Choice! Have no idea what you might want to play, and you just want me to tell you how to start? Fantastic!

Call time: 7:30

Show time/date: June 19th, 8PM

Dress: FANCY ATTIRE IS EXPECTED! (there is no such thing as “too dressed up” for this show)

I will post the cast list by Tuesday, 6/16.

This show is always a good time!

Please contact me if you have any questions about the show!

Lacy shawn @ gmail. com

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