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Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) Program Name: Electrical Engineering

Accreditation of our engineering program by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) requires that we continually review our Program Educational Objectives. Program educational objectives are statements that describe the expected accomplishments of graduates during the first few years after graduation. As a member of the Program’s constituency, your opinion regarding the program educational objectives is valued. Please finish the following survey.
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Objective 1: Be a capable Engineer who may contribute in different areas of Electrical and Electronic industries. Should this be an objective? *
Objective 2: Be engaged in lifelong learning and researching to adapt rapid changes in global economic and technologies. Should this be an objective? *
Objective 3: Serve efficiently the community, society, and industry in ethical and responsible manner. Should this be an objective? *
Objective 4: Have professional working style and leadership. Should this be an objective? *
Should there be other program educational objectives for the program?
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