Visitation Program: Broward Transitional Center (BTC)
the Florida Immigrant Coalition is supporting the work of two interested groups who are pushing to start visitation programs in our 2 main detention centers in South Florida, Broward Transitional Center (BTC) in Pompano Beach and Krome in Miami.

We are looking for volunteers to help us with this initiative in BTC.

For Krome, go to

Read more about the context and background below. Then, fill out the questionnaire below.

Any questions can be directed to Grey at


What's Happening?
On any given day, there are more than 600 men detained in Krome and over 700 in BTC. The mass incarceration of immigrant communities is increasing each year, so much so, that 25% of newly incarcerated individuals are immigrants. This is also a money maker for private prison companies. Corrections Corporation of America and Geo Group, together netted about $425 million in revenues from their ICE contracts. In 2012, the federal government spent over $2 billion on detention operations, a nearly 150 percent increase from just seven years ago.

The grim reality is that the bulk of the 1.5 million people deported in the last four years were charged with minor violations, and many of these people would still find themselves subject to deportation even if they’re on track to legal status or have a green card.Approximately two-thirds of the 400,000 detainees last year were held on a mandatory basis in one of the more than 300 facilities that dot the American landscape, without the possibility of release.

Why is this important?
Through the work that Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement (CIVIC) has done in the past years, there are over 20 CIVIC-affiliated visitiation programs across the country.

To combat the isolating experience of immigration detention, communities throughout the United States are establishing volunteer-based visitation programs offering friendship and a connection to the outside world. Community visitation programs not only transform the hearts and minds of individual visitors by providing them with opportunities to build sustained relationships with persons in immigration detention, but also ensure that persons in immigration detention can maintain family and community ties.


BTC Visitation Program
This section is for those interested in the BTC Visitation Program in Pompano Beach, FL.

The Krome team is a little father along than the BTC team. However, the process is similar.

Once a proposal is submitted, the team must wait to get approval. Once the program initiates, we will need volunteers on weekdays and/or weekends.

In the meantime, tours of the facilities can take place. Please remember, legal status is required to enter these facilities.

Once you fill this out, we will be in touch.

If you have questions, you can contact Grey at
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Touring in BTC
This section is for those interested in taking tours of BTC before a program gets approved. This can happen as often as the team wants it to happen (i.e. every month) until they receive approval.
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Volunteering in BTC
This section is for those interested in being a volunteer with the visitation program once it gets approved.
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