2021 online San Francisco Free Folk Festival Performer/Workshop Application
Festival date: Saturday June 12th, 2021, starting at 12 noon

Thanks for your interest in being part of the 2021 online San Francisco Free Folk Festival! Please use this form to propose a concert performance, a music workshop or session, a dance workshop, or a family program event. If you have multiple proposals (such as two workshops, or a performance and a workshop) submit a separate form for each one.

The festival this year will be online due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. We will be using formats established at previous San Francisco Folk Music Club online events. The festival will include music workshops and performances, all online. All ages and musical interests are welcome. Performances and workshops will be open to those who want to participate or just listen or watch.

PERFORMERS: We prefer that each performing group or individual record their performances, to be made available on YouTube starting on festival day (June 12, 2021). If you would prefer to do a real-time performance on festival day, we will consider that, but only if you have prior experience broadcasting on the platform that you want to use. Our preferred platform for real-time performances is YouTube Live. We will ask you to mention the Folk Festival during your performance. With each performer's permission, we may continue to make recordings of performances available after the festival.

WORKSHOP LEADERS: Workshops will be on Zoom and attendees will need to pre-register. We plan to run the workshops as one big Zoom meeting with separate Zoom "breakout rooms" for each workshop, as the San Francisco Folk Music Club did at online Camp Harmony this year. Please be aware that Zoom workshops are not fully interactive, since only the leader (or a single participant) can be unmuted at one time, unless the leader opens the session up for questions.

PLEASE NOTE: the festival is volunteer-run and performances and workshops are unpaid. If accepted, you may share a link during your workshop or performance to an online source for attendees to purchase your CDs or other materials.

IMPORTANT: the SUBMISSION DEADLINE for this form was February 26, 2021, and that date has passed. It's still possible to submit applications, but we may not consider an application if it's submitted after the deadline.
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This information will help us choose performances/workshops and, if you are chosen, will be posted on our website. If you are proposing a workshop, please tell us if it's good for beginners, if attendees should bring their own materials or instruments, if it's educational but not participatory, or if attendees would benefit from preparing in advance.
Leader/performer photos *
If you are chosen, we will need one or more photos for our promotional materials. Please provide us a link to an online photo (on your website, Facebook, Imgur, etc.) OR email a photo to us at sffff-photos@googlegroups.com with text in the email that tells us whose photo it is. If you provide a link, it should be a link to a specific photo, not to a gallery and not to your whole website.
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Potential schedule conflicts (for multiple applications)
If you are part of multiple applications for the 2021 festival that cannot be scheduled at the same time, please explain here. (For example, let us know if you are proposing to lead a workshop and you or your group are also applying to do a real-time performance.)
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