ShannaJean Space questionnaire
Please take a moment to read our Mighty Networks pledge, answer the following questions, and share your email address. We take equity and inclusion seriously (even if we don't take ourselves too seriously), and need to make sure our space will be supportive and encouraging for all.

I am a maker, with a capital M, a glorious maker of things. I am responsible for all that I put into the world. Enemies of equity and justice, hear my resplendent roar.
I respect the following statements: Black Lives Matter; Trans Rights are Human Rights; Science is Real; Disabilities are Respected; People & Planet are Valued Over Profit; People are in Charge of Their Own Bodies.
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I will refrain from passing judgement on preferences that I don’t share (even something as innocuous as someone’s taste in books or music or television).
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I will treat others with kindness and respect.
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If you have answered yes to all of these questions, WELCOME! Keep in mind that we like to swear, so you might see swear words throughout the space. We are a horseshoe, not a circle, so everyone is invited in to everything. We are all a part of this club, but it’s in no way exclusive. Maybe our yarns or patterns aren’t your jam (and that is JUUUST fine), but we have so many interests to share! This space is definitely a reflection of us as people, so if you aren’t a fan of US, you might not be a fan of this space. Are you still interested in being a part of the ShannaJean Space?
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In that case, please share your email address, and we'll send an invite over to you asap.
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