Animal Farm 7b
Read the second half of Animal Farm, Chapter 7 (Pages 79-89).

Read the second half of this file:

Answer the following questions using Complete Sentences.

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Boxer 1
Even Boxer does not believe that Snowball was always a traitor; he even stands up to Squealer and the police dogs in saying so. What finally convinces Boxer that Snowball really was a traitor from the start?
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Boxer 2
What character trait allows Boxer to agree that Snowball was a traitor? Do you think humans in the age of Stalin had the same trait?
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Do you believe the animals really committed the acts of conspiracy to which they confessed? Why would they confess if it wasn't the truth?
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Boxer and Clover
Boxer and Clover react very differently to the executions of the animals. Compare and contrast the reaction of the two horses.
Describe Boxer's reaction to the executions of the animals:
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How is Clover's reaction to the executions different from Boxer's reaction?
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What reason does Squealer give for why the song "Beasts of England" is now forbidden?
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