felixultimate - August feedback / future direction
Have your say about felixultimate content going forward from August - what do you want to see more of?
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Over the last few months, felixultimate has been delivering:
2 weekly livestreams
1-3 weekly livestream clips
1-2 monthly YouTube videos
1 monthly Patreon 'How to Train' video

We announce new videos and livestreams on a number of social media platforms, and we have been joined by a number of guests over the last few months. We want help from YOU to decide what content we should be working on in the next few months!
Which content are you interested in seeing more of?
VERY interested
QUITE interested
LESS interested
NOT interested
Live streams
Live stream clips
Live production (behind-the-scenes e.g. editing a 'Every Huck from USA-JPN' video together)
Quick analysis (e.g. Japan's Defensive Flash-Poach, Buzz Bullets IO Flick Huck)
Playthrough analysis (e.g. Machine's Comeback pts 1-3+, USA v Japan pts 1-6+, Clapham v CUSB pts 1-4)
Game analysis (e.g. Why Salaspils Won EUCF 2019, Clapham v CUSB summary (part 4))
Grouped analysis (Every Turnover, Every Score, Every Huck, etc)
Player analysis (e.g. Bansfield's Backhand Breaks, Freechild's Impact, Every Touch)
Hex O instructional videos
Flex D instructional videos
Covid-19 aware instructional videos (Risk Reduced Drills & Exercises)
State of Ultimate (Picks, Spectrum of Defence, Strategic Overview, Use of Technology)
Other (add comment)
Any other comments? How are we doing?
What content would you be happy to pay (more) for?
For example - training/drill videos, 1-to-1 chat time, community membership, private analysis of your play, private analysis of your team, private live streamed analysis sessions, private classroom session with your team, felixultimate merch (discs / t-shirts / sun hoodies), anything else that would encourage you to become a patron?
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