ALDAR - Bulldog Adoption Application
Our Application Process

1. Submit this Adoption Application Form
2. We will review it and contact you if accepted!
3. Phone conversation and FaceTime video to meet and greet
4. If we agree it is a good fit to continue the adoption process, a $200 deposit will be necessary to keep your
spot on the waiting list. This is to deter people from jumping on and off of people’s waiting lists and wasting
our time.
5. Please pick a breeder that you are comfortable with and stick with them. This deposit is sent via e-mail
transfer and does not guarantee you a puppy as things can happen with a litter. If we are unable to supply you
with a suitable puppy within a six month period, the deposit will be refunded to you, otherwise the deposit is
non-refundable for any reason.
6. This deposit will be applied to the total cost of the puppy.
7. The final payment can be made in cash or e-transfer and the final price will include HST. This will also include
a detailed receipt.
8. If your puppy is to be flown to you, there is an additional $600.00 travel cost on top of purchase price. This
includes flight, delivery to the airport, crate and extra health certificate needed in order for the puppy to fly.

The current adoption fee for my puppies are $3500, including HST.

Personal information required, however will not be shared.

This is very extensive, all must be filled out in detail or application will be rejected.


Visitation Policy - We do not allow any in-person visitations at this time due to the threat of Covid-19 Virus. This restriction is in place for the best interest of us all to keep everyone safe and healthy. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

We do provide scheduled FaceTime calls and are happy to answer questions and send photos via email/text and of course, take phone calls.

Plus! You can also follow us on our Facebook page: ALDAR Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, for more information on current, previous and up-coming litters, lots of amazing photos, as well as meet our Mama’s and our Papa’s plus so much more!
Email address *
What is your first/last name? *
What is your date of birth? (Adopters must be over 18 years of age!) *
What is your partner's first/last name? *
What are the ages of your children? *
What is your home address? (Street Address, Town/City, Postal Code) *
What is your home phone number? *
What is your cell phone number? *
What gender of pup are you interested in? (Male/Female/Either) Why?
What gender of pup are you interested in? (Male/Female/Either) Why?
About Your Family:
Does anyone in your family have allergies or asthma?
Clear selection
Do all family members want a new puppy?
Clear selection
Who will be the primary caregiver?
Are you experienced dog owners? Explain
Have you sold/given away or surrendered a dog in the past and if so why?
Do you have a fully fenced yard?
Clear selection
Do you have a pool? If so, is it properly fenced so your dog could not access it?
Clear selection
Do you have a nearby park to walk your dog?
Clear selection
Do you work out of the home?
Clear selection
How many hours per day would the dog be home alone? Explain:
Will someone be available to let your puppy/dog out for potty breaks/exercise and to supply water and food?
Clear selection
If YES, who?
What is your daily plan of care for your puppy?
Where will your puppy/dog stay during the day?
Loose in the Yard
Fenced in the Yard
Fenced Kennel
Crated Inside
Loose in the House
Clear selection
Where will your puppy sleep at night?
Are there other animals in your home? List types, breeds, age, spay/neuter. It is important to know this.
Are you in a long-term relationship and if you were no longer together as a couple who will keep the dog and how many hours per day would the dog be alone at that point? I ask this as I have had to go to court(twice) over custody of a dog and I am not prepared to do it again.
Your puppy will require a lot of time and energy. Often if we work full time and have children we are also away for activities. It is unfair to have a dog to be part of a family that has no time for them. Please think about this very seriously. Never buy a puppy on a whim or because you think the family needs one or it can soon become a burden.
Do you all understand how demanding a pet can be and are you willing to put in the time and energy to train and care for said puppy/dog?
Vet and care expenses can be costly. Are you financially secure enough to care for this dog long term and are you willing to commit to these expenses? Monthly flea and heartworm, food (not budget food), toys, crate etc. In other words, don’t take your last dime to buy a dog. Explain:
Will you invest in Pet Health insurance?
Clear selection
Under what circumstances would you return your puppy/dog?
Not Enough Time
Too Costly
Medical Reasons (for puppy/dog)
Clear selection
Other, explain:
If your puppy began to show signs of aggression what would you do?
Have you completely researched this breed?
Clear selection
Do you understand what a Brachycephalic Breed is and how to care for them?
Clear selection
Does your home, cottage or places your dog will visit have air conditioning? The heat can be very dangerous for this breed.
Clear selection
Have you researched vets in your area? Or do you have past experience with this veterinarian? Are you willing to supply them as a reference?
Clear selection
If YES: Name, address and phone number of said vet
Do they like and understand the breed?
Clear selection
Have you been convicted of a criminal offence?
Clear selection
Would you be willing to supply a criminal reference check upon request?
Clear selection
All incidents of domestic violence and cruelty to animal charges or sexual assault will automatically disqualify you from having one of my puppies. Please be aware that I will explore all avenues available on the internet to ensure that my puppy will be going to a safe home If YES, please explain below.
Where would your puppy stay for holidays or in case of emergency?
Do you own or rent and if rent does your landlord approve of dogs? How long have you been in your current home?
If you rent, are you willing to use your landlord as a reference?
Clear selection
If Yes, please include Full Name and Phone Number:
Is there anything else that we need to know to determine if a bulldog puppy is the right fit for you?
Are you willing to immediately return your bulldog to ALDAR Bulldogs and Boston Terriers if your circumstances should change and you can no longer care for the dog. This question is for the whole life of the puppy/ dog. *
Do you fully understand and agree to NEVER to re-home or sell this puppy/dog to anyone and fully agree to contact ALDAR Bulldogs and Boston Terriers if your circumstances should change? (We can discuss with family or friends on the phone if someone was to come forward.) *
By signing this contract, you state that you understand that we attempt, to the best of our ability, to supply healthy and happy puppies/dogs. However, we can not guarantee that your puppy/dog will never have an issue. They are living and breathing beings and we can’t predict the future but we do our best through genetic and health testing. Have we ever produced a dog with a health issue? Yes, we have sadly but again we do our best to work with only the best lineage. *
What are your expectations for us as the breeders?
Do you have any questions for us?
You are welcome to follow us on Facebook: ALDAR Bulldogs and Boston Terriers for more information, previous litter updates, photos, and more!
Once a suitable puppy is born and agreed upon by both parties, a $500.00 deposit will be required to reserve your puppy. This deposit is non-refundable. No puppy will be held without a deposit. The Applicant(s) confirm that all information that has been provided in this application is current and truthful. Applicant(s) and Breeders, all agree that any return of deposit means that all verbal or implied agreements to sell a puppy to that applicant or depositor is terminated. The Applicant(s) also understand that unfortunate events such as miscarriage, loss of puppy, or smaller litters can occur effecting wait times beyond our control. We work through our waiting list as potential adopters are approved to ensure fair wait times for expectant litters. The Applicant understands that ALDAR Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, has the full right to refuse the adoption of a puppy at any point with the return of deposit at any time. By signing this form, the Applicant(s) agrees to understanding and complies with all requirements and statements on this form. *
My electronic signature below confirms I am over the age of 18, and all information provided is truthful and current to the time of this application. (First/Last Name) *
Date Electronically Signed *
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