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If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by an adult either during judging or during line-up. Please mark one of the following. *
Free Play Florida focuses on Video Game history, culture, and innovation. That being said, we are limiting the theme of the cosplay contest to Video Game submissions only. Cosplays that are not derived from Video Game history, culture, or media will not be eligible to win any contest prizes and MUST walk as Showcase only. Please indicate the type of cosplay you are planning on entering. *
There are two cosplay categories. Contest and Showcase. If you are entering the Contest, you will be judged by our panel and be eligible for prizes. If you are entering as a Showcase, there will be no judging or prize eligibility, but you will be given the opportunity to walk the stage and show off your costume. Contest costumes must be made 80% or more by the entrant and must be from video game media. Showcase costumes can include purchased costumes and Non-video game costumes. Please choose your category below.
Character You Are Cosplaying *
Series you are cosplaying from *
If you are entering the contest, please choose the category you would like to enter. Entrants may be moved categories at judges discretion. *
Describe a little bit of your costume for our judges. What are you proudest of? What was the hardest thing to make? The easiest? Give us some insight.
If you are entering the contest, please choose your preferred judging time. Judging will be done on Saturday between the times of 10:00am to 1:00pm, and 2:00pm to 5:00pm. If you are entering the showcase, feel free to skip this question. Your official judging time will be sent to the email you have provided us.
ALL entrants, Contest or Showcase, must line up at the judging panel room between 5:30pm and 5:45pm on Saturday to be organized for the contest, which will be at 6:00pm. Please mark that you understand this rule. *
ALL entrants, Contest or Showcase, must purchase a Free Play Florida 2022 Badge, either One-Day or Weekend, in order to be eligible to participate. Please mark one of the following. *
If you have any feedback or questions regarding the contest, please let us know here so we may address it either in e-mail or on-site.
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