Arizona American Legion Member Satisfaction Survey (January 5 - January 30, 2022 Baseline Buddy Check)
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Thank you for being a Member!  We hope that this survey will help bring even more membership value to you.  Which American Legion Pillar attracted you to join. *
How long have you been a member? *
How did you hear about The American Legion? *
What online media keeps you most connected to your Post? *
Please share an Arizona Zip-code where you live, or work, or relax in.  (not required but helps leadership to understand more)
How often to you attend your Post Meetings? *
Please make selections below according to how you feel about your membership benefits
This is why I joined
I enjoy this regularly
I would like to see more news about this
Camaraderie with Veterans/Family
Connectivity online/social media
Community ties and friendships
Help with VA Benefits Claims
Legionnaire's Insurance Trust plans
Work/Job/Business Leads
Meeting space for community needs
National Discount programs
Member social events (dinners/dances)
Is there a benefit that you've heard about but need more posted information about?
Arizona American Legion Family Event Participation.  Annual Convention is held the latter weekend of June.                             Annual Conference is held early weekend of November
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Annual Convention is the celebration of the Leadership Year (July 1 - June 30) and beginning of the new Leadership Year (Elections for new leaders are held).  I value this event for: (Select all that apply).
Annual Conference is the follow up for continuing training of the Leadership/Members and reports of ongoing programs for the year.  I value this event for: (Select all that apply).
If you have not attended Post Meetings or Annual Events, please select all reasons that apply.
What kind of event would you be interested in seeing offered more?
What kind of Post training events would you be interested in seeing offered more?
What else can The American Legion offer to help bring greater value to your membership?
Would you be willing to offer a testimonial about what The American Legion means to you?  Please share it with Leadership?
We hope that you have already renewed your membership for the 2022 Membership Year.  We start reminders in July for the next year so you'll have more time to get your Member Identification Card in hand for the full calendar year.  Do you plan to renew for the upcoming year?
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Thank you.  Your survey response is confidential and releasing your information is optional. If you would like to be contacted by an American Legion representative, please provide your email address.  It will only be used for this purpose.  (It will not affect its use on other American Legion email listings that you have already shared.)
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