[English] International Festival 2019
International Festival is around the corner. For this event, we provide opportunities that overseas friends can learn and practice themself to prepare performances and exhibitions on the day. SEM provides five culture classes free of charge. The maximum number of seats in the class are 10 (up to 20 in Nanta) and it starts from the second week in October on a first come, first-served basis. It would be a fun and a memorable time in Korea. Please feel free to apply it and show your talents. You can ask the details to your SEM class staff or to the contact person below.

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TIA Taekwondo (TIA 태권도)

Nanta Institute (타악퍼포먼스 학원)

K-Pop Dance (한빛 플라자)

Ukrele, Calligraphy (늘사랑 커뮤니티 홀)
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