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Organisation name
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Activity title *
This will appear in the event diary so keep it short.
Information for visitors *
This will be in a link from the diary - so describe the activity as you want visitors to read it. Say if they can turn up at any time in your window, or if there are set departure times. Say if they need to contact you in advance. Mention if they need good shoes, or messy clothes.
Contact details for visitors *
This will be in a link from the diary, so put in details of how visitors should contact you
Start time *
This will be in a link to the diary - when is the earliest visitors can come? The highway will be clear for Peaceful Portway events between 2.00 and 5.30
Finish time *
When can the last visitor arrive?
Visitor numbers *
How many visitors can you cope with?
Suitable for? *
Where? *
Look at our map of Portway, and choose a meeting place for your activity.
Litter *
Please confirm you are aware of the need to take away any litter - and not distribute things that could be come litter to visitors.
Access *
Please confirm that you are aware that there is no motor vehicle access to Portway  - that is what the day is all about
Licence restrictions *
Please confirm that you are aware that we do not have a licence for amplified music, or hot food or fun fairs
Hazardous activities *
Our licence will cover the usual 'street party' kind of activities. If your activity is hazardous - for example climbing - we need you to confirm that you have carried out the appropriate health and safety procedures.
Use of the highway *
Emergency vehicles must have access down the highway at all times. We also have to keep the highway itself clear for participants and organisers of the main sporting events until Portway Sunday Park takes over the road closure
Electricity Supply *
Please confirm that you are aware there will be no electricity supply available.
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