Studio 780 project planner
KIndly complete this survey. This will helps us to determine if the unique aspects of your project align with our capabilities. We realise it’s quite a bit to ask of you up front, but those who go on to become Studio 780 clients tell us it’s a worthwhile exercise.
What is the name of your organisation and what does it do?
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What do you want your site to accomplish? Is it meant to inform, to educate, to sell? The site’s goals will have a major impact on the content we'll include.
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Have a look at your competitors sites. Please provide the URL’s for the ones you like best.
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In which ways are you different from your competitors?
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Who on your end will guide this project to completion? What is your deadline for completing the site?
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Describe the primary and secondary users of your site, their interests, gender, and ages.
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What known needs are they bringing to your website?
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What primary action should a user take when visiting your site? (Examples might include: reading descriptive material, viewing photos and collecting ideas, referring a friend.)
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Describe in as few sentences or words as possible the feelings you wish your site to evoke, and the brand attributes you want it to convey. (Sample feelings might include: warmth, friendliness, reassurance, comfort, or excitement. Sample brand attributes might include: caring, honesty, humour, professionalism, intelligence, technological savvy, sophistication, reliability, and trustworthiness.)
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Your color preferences
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Overall feel
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In addition to text, please select the features you would like included in your site
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Content is all the bits and pieces that are contained in the framework of the visual design, and that bring your visitors back again and again. Do you have content from an existing source that you will use on your website, or will you need to create it?
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Do you own, or have permission to use, every piece of content you intend to include (text, images, multimedia, etc.)?
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There are two steps to getting your website online, even before you start the actual development process: registering the domain name, and setting up hosting for the site. You need both of these for your site to be live online.Do you have an existing domain name, or will you need to register one? [Studio 780 can register one for you]
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Do you have an existing website host or do you need to find one?
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What kind of hosting you need depends a lot on what your site will have and will do. A 5-page brochure site doesn’t need as much storage space or bandwidth (how much will transfer to and from your site in a month) as, say, a photographer’s portfolio site that has hundreds of large pictures, or a coach’s site that has dozens of training videos.Do you prefer a traditional hosting service with content managed by Studio 780, or a self managed site?
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If you wish to edit the site content yourself, I highly recommend WEEBLY hosting. WEEBLY’S intuitive, drag and drop content management system enables you to edit your site right in your browser window.
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